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Brewery2Brewery (B2B) October Fest and MTB Challenge 

Sat 5 Oct Registration and October Fest at The Old Potters Brewery, Greyton
Sunday 6 Oct the B2B Challenge from The Old Potters to The Brewery @Hemel-en-Aarde, Hermanus


Greyton and Hermanus are commonly known for their unique character, clean air, mountains, whales and wines. During spring the farm landscapes of Greyton are transformed into beautiful wheat green and yellow canola fields.

At the same time hubbly bubbly happy whales enjoy the warmer ocean waters of Hermanus. But these towns have also become favourite mountain bike destinations, due to amazing MTB trail networks supported by great local cuisine, diverse accommodation and their weekend breakaway characters.

Quite recently another gorgeous item was added to the town’s menu’s; craft beer. The Old Potter’s Brewery in Greyton and The Brewery @Hemel-en- Aarde in Hermanus , have become popular stops for mountain bikers and tourists, to quench a thirsty throat with a delightful and variety of good craft beers. The Germans established October as the Beer festival month thousands of years ago. That’s why the Old Potters Brewery and The Brewery are keen to invite you to the B2B October Fest and MTB Challenge in October.

Join us for an unique beer and bike weekend. We’re celebrating the October Fest in the weekend of 5 & 6 October 2019 in two ways;

Saturday 5 October:

In the morning loosen the legs by riding the new Greyton MTB Trails. In the afternoon register for the B2B MTB Challenge at Old Potters, Greyton, whilst enjoying their stunning craft beer. In the evening relax and party with the German Modern Sound[s] Orchestra, imported all the way from Seelze in Germany;

Sunday 6 October:

Participate in the long 85km or the short 30km B2B MTB Challenge and enjoy another good craft beer at the finish.

Enter Race

When the Brewery owners and a local event organiser asked me what I think
about a MTB Event from Greyton to Hermanus, nogal from Brewery2Brewery,
I had to sleep on it, after a few craft beers of course. A light started to glow and
I from far away I saw that the most popular MTB events go from some or other
inland town, next to a mountain, to the ocean. If you add good craft beer and
magic MTB Trails to the destination, you have a winner. Easy, luckily no sleep

Johan Krieger